Activating wireless trail cameras is a crucial step to manage and receive images. Each brand may have its own steps, but we´ll provide some guidelines below.

Generally SIM cards are required to enable wireless game cameras to send pictures wirelessly but certain models don’t require any.

If you have an old or used cam, the SIM card may have been shipped with the device, but it can also be picked up at any store. It should be a text only and not a data plan card.

Be aware that if you activate over the phone you could receive misleading information from the customer support agents because they are not always acquainted with the use or intended purpose of a wifi trail camera.

Within the United States there are major providers such as Verizon and AT&T and most of the newer models will use their services, however otters may allow connecting with any carrier.

Furthermore, a lot of people are interested in using these devices overseas, so it really makes sense for certain companies to tap into that market and offer devices that can transmit data via GSM networks.

Such is the case of the Scoutguard trail camera, which transmits pictures via MMS/GPRS without you having to necessarily purchase data from the manufacturer. Users will need to open MMS and GPRS service from their service provider.

To operate the cam it is required to download setup software from a website and enter information such as country, service provider, phone number, and other, which will enable the device to send pics. Additionally there is an available app for Android or Apple that can be used to send commands to it.

Before purchasing, people are often concerned about using their existing phone account or plan or starting with a new plan from scratch.

While each manufacturer is different a new prepaid plan is now the most common option followed in the market. These are pay as you go plans and can be activated and deactivated as you wish. Whether you have an old or new model, it is critically important to ensure the carrier has decent coverage in your area.

Today, If your cell phone is with X or Y provider, it is completely normal to have a new cellular game camera running on a different provider. Companies that sell them will offer different plans by receiving data from cellular network carriers and buyers only have to choose which plan they want and activate the device.

For example, newer wireless Covert cameras work with ATT and Verizon. The Code Black model works with the first, while the Blackhawk model with the second.

Independently of which device you decide to purchase, you´ll have to choose a subscription plan in where you´ll receive from 500 pictures a month to 34,000 images quarterly. You simply go on their website, enter the device type you purchased and follow the instructions to activate and purchase a plan. In order to boost new clients, they reward them with 30 days free cloud storage for all their pictures.

As it was a competition, Bushnell wireless trail camera offers a trial period where new subscribers will receive free data for the first thirty days. They also rely on AT&T, but it is not necessary for users to have AT&T services on their actual phone plans neither do they need to sign up with or start a new contract with them. All pre-paid plans, data communications and renewals are through Bushnell.

If you are planning on a Spypoint cellular camera, then activation process could be longer.

First of all, the majority of their 3G devices work with Truphone, a global mobile network that operates its service internationally. They also have a few phones that work with Verizon Wireless.

As opposed to other mobile cell carriers, Truphone doesn’t reset your funds every month. You only pay for what you use, which allows your funds to roll over the following month. So if you don’t use all the data you paid for in one month, you´ll have the remaining funds available for the following.

Users can either use a Truphone SIM card or their own GSM/GPRS SIM card on which they already have a data plan activated.

The only Spypoint wireless camera that works with Verizon is the -LIVE-4GV and like other brands, you´ll need to purchase the data plan that Spypoint offers, and not Veirzon.

Generally, these cameras go through 2 – 3 activation steps which are:

  1. Creating a TRUPHONE account and activating a Tru SIM card. In case you have a SIM card from another network provider on which data has been activated you won’t need to do this step.

  3. Setting up the camera to use mySPYPOINT: this is necessary for the device to transfers the photos taken during detections to your mySPYPOINT account.

  5. Creating your mySPYPOINT account: Here you´ll use the features of the mySPYPOINT website in order to save and mange pictures received from your camera on filed. Users can buy different plans.


A wireless Spartan camera comes in two types of devices: the Wireless Blackout IR and the Wireless IR. Both types of devices can be activated on Verizon, U.S. Cellular and AT&T.

Activating on Verizon and U.S. Cellular:

  • No SIM card is required. You´ll activate from their vendor, HCO (if you choose Verizon) or directly from U.S. Cellular, if you chose them
  • There is no long term commitment. User can activate, deactivate, or reactivate the plan at any time
  • You can add the device as low as $5.00 a month as a Connected Device
  • Without an existing plan from these providers, you can starts as low as $10.00 for U.S. Cellular or $25.00 for Verizon

Activating with Verizon M2M plan:

  • No sim card is needed. Activation is through HCO
  • There is no long term commitment. User can activate, deactivate, or reactivate the plan at any time
  • Plans starts from $15.00 a month

Activating with AT&T

  • Both Wireless IR and Wireless Blackout IR models ship with an AT&T DataConnect Pass SIM card. Activation of the service is effective by going to
  • There is no long term commitment. User can activate, deactivate, or reactivate the plan at any time without having to get a new SIM card