The MG983G-30M and MG883G-12mHD are similar digital scouting cameras that works on 3G network and aim to save the user from having to pay monthly subscription data plans.

MG983G-30M is able to capture high quality pictures up to 30MP or record videos clips at 1080 FHD.

Boly MG983G 30MP 3G with Invisible IR

List Price: $239.99
Sale Price: $239.99
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Resolution: 30MP picture resolution and 1080p HD video
Flash range: 100ft. detection, 90ft. invisible black IR flash range
App: Free mobile app available for IOS, Android, and Windows
Description: This premier black IR wireless camera utilizes cellular SIM cards to remotely transmit photos and videos to your mobile phone or email address, which can be programmed to activate on motion and/or at timed intervals.  Manage the camera’s settings remotely via the 3G communications, the 100ft. long range detection sensors can capture 30MP photos or 1080p video on an inserted SD card and can be viewed on the built-in 3” color LCD display.  The camera supports up to 32GB SD/SDHC cards, provides native support for solar and external power options, and is resistant against water and snow.

MG883G-12Mhd captures 12MP high resolution pictures and 720p HD videos.

Images are sent instantly to mobile device or to email via GPRS network.

On sufficient daylight good color pictures or videos are taken, and at night, the built-in infrared LEDs can help to take clear monochrome shots (pics or videos).

They are resistant against water and snow and can be left unattended for weeks and months in the field. They can be used as a portable digital cameras, as a surveillance devices to caught trespassers or simply at places such as parking lots, school campus, shops, etc.

Two way communications is one of their best features. When set to ON, devices will receive and respond to an SMS command or the Android application command.

Unlike other wireless trail cameras, users won’t have to purchase monthly data plans because media is instantly sent to mobile device via WCDMA/GSM network.

Unless a picture or video has been taken, the user will not be alerted. When this happens, the camera uses the multimedia messaging service center (MMSC) or GPRS to deliver the information. Phone MMS sends images to mobile phone, while Email GPRS sends images to an email.

In order to receive the data, user must first open MMS and GPRS service from their service provider by getting in contact with them. An unlocked 3G or 4G SIM card that supports MMS and GPRS data business is required for the camera to work. This is a huge advantage for people that are interested in using their camera outside of the United States.

With other brands, you receive images by purchasing monthly data plans, but Scoutguard trail cameras are different as they work on GPRS network, where the user is only charged for the amount of data that’s being transported, not for the time that the unit is online.

After purchasing the user needs to download a set up program for the camera. Instructions for this software are found in the last page of the user’s guide that comes with the device.

The amounts of batteries also differ to other manufacturers on the market. The MG983G-30M uses eight (8) AA high density – high performance alkaline or lithium batteries, while the MG883G-12mHD can use between 4-8 batteries.

ScoutGuard MG883G, 12MP

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
List Price: n/a
Sale Price: n/a
Technology: Sends pictures and change settings wirelessly via MMS/GPRS - Compatible with WCDMA provider that uses SIM cards
Resolution: 14MP Pixel - up to 85' Black IR (invisible) Illumination/Detection range - Up to 32GB SD/SDHC card
Speed: Pic+Video Mode, Trigger speed 1.2sec - Interval 1 second to 60 minutes, 60 degree FOV
Durability: Water proof and weather endurable, Solar Charger Support (option). Fast 22 seconds picture transmission time.
Other features: Enhanced Antenna, 720P HD Video with sound, Built-in Color LCD viewer, with wireless controller
Description: The MG883G-14M leads the Long Range Black IR wireless camera revolution with 2-way 3G communications to your mobile phone, only if you put a 3G/4G sim card into the camera and have a service plan (like ATT go-phone or T-Mobile data plan) with your wireless carrier. The new GPRS data transmission method saves communication cost in many countries. The 2016 MG883G-14M allows you check status and change camera settings at home. If you uses solar charger, you can run it year long. Well built and reliable, MG883G-14M saves you gas cost and time and give you instant report. It adds native solar charger support (optional) in addition to the external power supply support. Transmitted picture size is 800x600 to email and VGA to phone, always. True 720pHD Video resolution (1280x720). Highest picture resolution is 14MP. It comes with an enhanced antenna gives 2x stronger reception than regular antenna.

There are alternative power options for both, being: a 6v external battery and a solar panel.

SMS commands are text messages you can send to the camera to change some of its settings. There are lists of commands that can be sent to the camera. It is also possible to use the mobile app to send commands to the camera, but user will be charged.

Trigger time for MG983G-30M is 1 second, while MG883G-12mHD runs at 1.2 second.