The great benefit behind having a wifi trail camera is to be able to instantly communicate with it.

These devices are categorized by features, such as: security, night vision, IR LED, long range among others, but none of these provide options to wirelessly communicate with the unit, modify settings and get pictures almost instantly.

Available are basically three management options for user that have wireless game cameras:

  1. The first one is for people that aren’t yet comfortable using Apps, smartphones and similar gadgets.

    A few wireless Scoutguard trail cameras will send images via GPRS, just like those sent using basic phones. This option is simple and straight forward since the user only needs to put a GSM SIM card into the camera and have a service plan (like ATT go-phone or T-Mobile data plan) with a wireless carrier. MMS (multimedia pictures) and email with pictures will be sent to that person’s device.
  2. The other two options are fairly similar. Pictures are stored on servers owned by manufacturers of wireless trail cameras and made available using a web browser and applications.

    A Spypoint cellular camera only needs the user to download a free app from Apple Store or Google Play and after simple steps the images should be available on their phone.
  3. In almost a similar way Spartan, Covert and Bushnell wireless trail camera users can access images from their mobile devices by downloading and installing apps. The difference between these three and Spypoint wifi is that additionally an account needs to be created on a web portal.

    Having an account set up on the website and having the app on the phone provide users with tremendous delivery options and advanced capabilities from one convenient location.

    Considering that images are saved onto secure servers, and knowing that immediate effect follows any command initiated by the owner, either using their web portal or with apps on mobile/smart devices, the following thigs can be accomplished:

    • Control of the camera in real time and ability to change its settings
    • Get instant picture viewing (HD photos included depending on the brand)
    • Command the camera to take instant pictures
    • Receive weather and wind information
    • Edit, save, share, download or delete pictures
    • Check battery level and storage space
    • Map the camera´s location using GPS
    • Buy data plans
    • Check signal strength or coverage
    • Check storage space
    • Add more than one device to the web portal´s account, and then filter or sort uploaded images by activity date or by camera.

It is clear that a lot of tasks can be done remotely by using these tools; therefore, they are just a perfect option for security and surveillance.