Since popularity of wireless game cameras are increasing it is important to explore different options before you finally chose that winning device.

A lot of people may praise X or Y brand, while others may encounter that it didn’t meet their expectations.  A reason for this could be coverage.  An excellent device may have a poor coverage in a certain area.  Disappointment regarding specific features may also affect a person’s opinion in contrast to others who may find the same elements to work very well.

So we´ll now take a closer look to main brands.
As a general rule, equipments are tested before being deployed to the market, but there are some brands that usually stand out from the crowd receiving plenty of sales and positive reviews beyond others. Here you’ll find technical details for devices to help you make the best choice.

Located in southern Kentucky, this small company creates quality trail cams and provides outstanding customer service and support. They are becoming a leading company in the cellular game camera industry transmitting images to users at any time over cellular data networks such as AT&T and Verizon, where users can get affordable subscription plans.

A free app is downloadable from the Google or Apple application store, from which users can perform real-time control, know weather and wind information, and view images instantly.
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They offer cams with Blackout IR, and IR only on Verizon, U.S. Cellular and as AT&T. In the case of the two first carriers, you can pay a couple bucks and use your existing data plan adding their wireless trail camera.

They’ve built a sophisticated web portal with a number of management options accompanied with an app you can download for you to see what’s happening in real time.
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For over 65 years, they’ve have created high-performance sports optics products. They have several trail cams and have launched a 3G Wireless cam which works on AT&T network through them. In other words, they themselves act like the service provider company.
They offer free data for the first 30 days, after which you can renew as you like based on your needs. Users aren’t required to have AT&T service nor contract with them, but before purchasing, you should check coverage in our area.

Their free iOS and Android app will send images to your smart phone, email, web or Facebook account.
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They offer several easy solutions for users who like simplicity. You only need a 3G or GSM SIM pre-paid card from AT&T or T-Mobile for your camera to work. Pictures are sent via MMS/GPRS using CDMA and WCDMA; in other words, it works just like a basic phone sending you photos by text or email.
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From within the United States and Canada users can chose different cellular camera options on the following networks: MMS, 3G and 4G with pre-activated SIM cards, and a 4GV option which works with Verizon. The MMS is the most simple and affordable option.

3G and 4G options use a free mobile app downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.
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