When remote cameras were first deployed into fields for surveillance, people would drive out several miles, pull the memory card out and place them into computers to finally see the pictures; until a wifi trail camera was created.

In order to help you find the correct one, we´ve covered key concerns that people have around wireless trail cameras by dividing the website into two main sections:

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Learn which devices could better suit your need based on features, coverage and additional accessories.


These new devices allowed sending and receiving data automatically to a mobile phone or email. At once, It wasn’t the fastest thing in the world, but certainly much faster than waiting for days until an opportunity came up to drive out to the ranch and pull out the card from the remote cam.

Manufacturers placed SIM cards into cameras allowing users to easily program the way they wanted to receive images and videos without necessarily getting hook up to a contract from their cellular phone service company.

In just a couple of years, more and more people wanted images sent faster or instantly to their cellphones, let´s now say smartphones, and the big companies came into the game offering a variety of devices, management features and affordable plans to permanently stay in touch with all that´s happening by day and by night, in rain or snow in that remote location.

Across the market, it is practically the same to say “cellular” or “wireless” and “trail” or “game” camera when referring to these devices.

As we advance in time, tendency will be to sweep out 3G trail cameras from the market and 4Gs will rule, but today there is still a good amount of new 3G devices. Fortunately, It is not required for you to activate your cellular game camera on the same network as your current phone.

This website is mainly focused on the wireless side, even though being able to transmit data wirelessly is not the only feature of a trail camera.